Spring forward into our new refreshing scents

Very few places on earth bring to mind the imagery of spring more than that of Japan. From the Hanami “Flower Viewing” festival to the countless gardens throughout Japan taking bloom. For this years spring line we wanted to highlight the delicate scents of springtime in Japan with one of our favorite Japanese beverages that is so often paired with the celebration of spring, Sake.

We have collaborated with Salt Lake City’s only Sake company Tsuki Sake, using some of the finest Sake available to infuse the bars of soap just in time for spring showers.

With its many vitamins and antioxidants, sake has been used by Geisha’s in Japan for centuries to aid in skin care. So just as the landscape is rejuvenated by the coming of spring, so too can your skin.

So lather up, and raise a glass to the coming of Spring!