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Do you offer a money back guarantee?2021-04-07T13:03:42-06:00

If you are not 100% satisfied with your bar of soap, its on us.

Are your soaps vegan friendly?2021-04-07T13:02:41-06:00

Yes, our soaps are made with 100% plant derived oils. We do not use animal fats or tallow in any of our products. And all of our oils are sustainably sourced.

How long can I expect my bar of soap to last?2021-04-07T13:01:37-06:00

While there are many factors involved in answering this question under normal usage and proper storage our bars last between 2-3 weeks. Storing your soap on a properly draining surface away from direct contact with water spray, How often you shower, and body hair all are contributing factors in the life of our soap bars.

What benefits does the infusion of spirits provide for the soap?2021-04-07T13:00:04-06:00

The sugars in the spirits provide an enhanced lather to the soap bars and also help create a harder bar of soap which adds to the duration of the bar. Also depending on the spirit used other benefits include different vitamins which help nourish the skin.

Does the fact that your bars are infused with Alcoholic Spirits mean it will cause your skin to dry out?2021-04-07T12:58:10-06:00

No, In order for Cold Process soap to properly go through the process of saponification the alcohol must be boiled out of the spirit. What is left of the spirits are the sugars and herbal byproducts of the process of  spirit distillation, which have positive benefits to the soap.


Where is Wet Bar Soap Manufactured?2021-04-07T12:03:13-06:00

All of our soaps are proudly made here in the United States of America. We are committed to keeping all of our manufacturing here in the States to ensure that we continue to produce products of the highest quality.


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