Tsuki Sake

Salt Lake City, UT

Tsuki Sake is proud to be Utah’s First Sake Company! Our products can be found on liquor store shelves, and also at a number of local restaurants and bars in Salt Lake City. Our mission is to produce premium, craft American sake through the balance of traditional Japanese and modern American brewing techniques. We currently offer two products, both lovingly named “Tsuki,” meaning “moon” in modern Japanese:

Harvest Moon

White Peach Nigori

Premium unfiltered sake, brewed with American-grown Calrose rice, infused with natural peach flavor. Enjoy, from Utah’s first sake brewer.

Tasting notes: fresh white peach puree balanced with sake rice notes. Finishes smooth with a gentle ricey sweetness. Some settling will occur, gently roll to recombine.

Serve chilled with a sake carafe, wine glass, or in a cocktail – Kanpai!

Super Moon

Junmai Daiginjo

Premium Sake brewed with American-grown Yamada Nishiki rice, “The King” of sake rice. Enjoy, from Utah’s first sake brewer.

Tasting Notes: Banana, Apple, Pear, Melon on the nose (or what sake enthusiasts call “fruit salad”). Refreshing fruitiness and Koji rice finish on the palate.

Serve chilled in a wine glass to enjoy aroma – Kanpai!